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Jeanfi Janssens - Jeanfi décolle.

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Thursday 14 Nov
Phone 03 27 48 19 00
Address Rocade Nord ou rue du Chemin de l'Empire, Saint Amand Pasino 59230 Saint-Amand-les-Eaux
THE HILARING COURSE OF A STEWARD THAT RISES ... WHICH RISES! SUCCESSFUL RECONVERSION FOR JEANFI JANSSENS, THIS STEWARD BECAME IN LESS THAN A YEAR THE PUBLIC POPPY. You may have already met on a long-haul flight or discovered during TV passages noticed at Stéphane Plaza, Arthur, Michel Drucker, or on the radio alongside Laurent Ruquier ... This exuberant steward, addicted to cosmetic surgery and victim of conso credits, tells us the reverse of a unique and delirious scenery, from his childhood in the north of France to the passengers he serves on board ... With his ch'ti accent and his incredible spread, Jeanfi Décolle will change your surroundings and remind you never to forget where you come from.
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Adult 35.00 € 42.00 €
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