73 rue du Quesnoy
59300 Valenciennes
Phone. : 03 27 26 24 38
Ratatouille - Valenciennes
L'épicerie traiteur aux saveurs d'Italie !
The delicatessen delicatessen with the flavors of Italy! It is said that Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world ... let's take a closer look. After a quick tour of the Valenciennes market, make a detour to the little shop with red blinds at the corner of rue du Quesnoy. Italian dishes prepared on site with amore will already make you an appetite at the entrance without counting the small tasting that goes with it! Who does not like lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli or Milanese schnitzel? But still sprinkle his pasta bolo with Parmesan cheese? Mamamia! 6 years that this grocery store is the delight of many local but also Italian Valenciennes to find products from home is a pleasure so precious and the little extra, speak Italian with the saleswoman. We would go for a ride with them under the sun of Italy aboard the little Fiat found on the wall. This trip naggers us on all the stalls of this grocery store. In front of us, cold cuts like Parma ham, San Danielle and truffle (it's the mushroom king of Italy, did you know?). Wrap a thin slice of ham around these long biscuits and enjoy them with a Spritz, or a Lambrusco or Chianti with some antipastis, it's the perfect Italian aperitif for your guests! For the meal, prepare them a good risotto or fresh pasta cooked in olive oil with balls Bolbec with tomato. Do not forget either on the table the indispensable piece of parmesan they will grate themselves to grating oneself (it's better!). At Ratatouille, it is excellent, the true of the true and the cut. To top it off, they will fall in love with your tiramisu, baba with Rum di Sorrento or Cannoli of Sicily, this exquisite biscuit that you have been careful to stuff with cream. The typical Pannettone cake will be reserved mainly for Christmas or Easter Dove. The icing on the cake ! Speaking of cherries, take the Amarena syrup that can perfectly accompany your ice cream. Finally, do not let your guests leave so quickly, serve them an Amaretto, you know this must-have Italian almond-based digestive! Delicioso! Oh, oh, oh, oh ... Valenciennes, I love you Italian! Open every day even on Sunday morning. Closed on Mondays. Virginie Bornier
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