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Eglise St Wasnon - CONDE SUR L'ESCAUT

place Verte
59163 Condé-sur-l'Escaut
  • Eglise St Wasnon - CONDE SUR L'ESCAUT 1 - Condé-sur-l'Escaut
  • Eglise St Wasnon - CONDE SUR L'ESCAUT 1 - Condé-sur-l'Escaut
Elevée entre 1751 et 1755 à l’emplacement de l’ancienne église paroissiale, l’église Saint-Wasnon est une commande du Maréchal Emmanuel de Croÿ à l’architecte parisien en vogue sous Louis XV, Pierre Contant d’Ivry.
The Church of Saint-Wasnon
Erected between 1751 and 1755 on the site of the former parish church, the Church of Saint-Wasnon was ordered by Marshal Emmanuel de Croÿ from Pierre Contant d’Ivry, a popular Parisian architect very much in fashion during the reign of Louis XV. The building conforms to the conventions of the counter reformation and stands in contrast to the unusual spire erected a century and a half earlier (1607-1621). This spire merits close attention. Being built with traditional materials (brick, stone and sandstone) and standing 44 metres high, it features a typically hennuyère-style bulb-shaped structure surrounded by four pinnacles, which are also bulb-shaped.
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