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Orgue de St Antoine - QUAROUBLE

59243 Quarouble
  • Orgue de St Antoine - QUAROUBLE 1 - Quarouble
  • Orgue de St Antoine - QUAROUBLE 1 - Quarouble
L’orgue de l’église Saint Antoine à Quarouble
L’abbé Louis-Joseph Ricourt (1799-1868), curé de Quarouble de 1825 à 1853, eut l’excellente idée de faire voter par le conseil municipal, le 6 août 1839, une somme de 3 500 francs pour l’achat d’un orgue, ainsi qu’une somme de 747 francs, le 22 juillet 1840 pour son installation.
The organ of the Church of Saint Antoine in Quarouble
Father Louis-Joseph Ricourt (1799-1868), the parish priest of Quarouble from 1825 to 1853, had the excellent idea of getting the municipal council to vote the sum of 3500 francs on August 6, 1839 to purchase an organ, and the sum of 747 francs, on July 22 1840 to have it installed. This organ was installed by Pierre-Jean and Henri Devolder, organ builders from Brussels, with this today being their only known work in France although they had already installed numerous instruments within the immediate area around Quarouble. The Devolders (or De Volders) were part of a dynasty of Belgian organ builders, and were in business throughout the whole 19th-century.
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