The giants of the Valenciennes region

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As a festive region, the Valenciennes area has traditionally delighted its inhabitants of all classes and backgrounds with its wickerwork giants and its unique folklore which has often remained true to its authentic roots. The giants are people like any other. They are given names, they get married and sometimes they even have children!


They usually get one outing a year. To discover the very heart and soul of the Valenciennes region, come along and join in the fun!



Name: Jehan (Jean) la Houille

Height: 3 metres 47

Weight: 46 kilos

Town: Anzin

Outing date: late June (during the carnival)

Born between 1900 and 1910, an emblematic figure of the town, destroyed during the First World War, he was rebuilt and baptised in 2006. He represents the values of hard work, sharing and solidarity.



Name: Louise d’Epinay

Height: 3 metres 30

Town: Aulnoy-lez-Valenciennes

Outing date: during Aulnoy’s carnival

The giant Louise d’Epinay was created in 1981 during the first Aulnoy Carnival at the Madame d’Epinay junior school by a visual arts teacher and his pupils. 



Name: Chope le Brasseur

Height: 4 metres

Weight: 74 kilos

Town: Bruay-sur-l’Escaut

Chope le Brasseur was created in 1966 in memory of the district’s brewers. He married Adolphine in 2003.


Name: Adolphine

Height: 3 metres 90

Weight: 67 kilos

Town: Bruay-sur-l’Escaut

She was born in 1950 and represents the coal pickers of the district of Thiers. She married Chope le Brasseur in 2003.


Name: Ch’tiot Gus

Height: 2 metres 86

Weight: 30 kilos

Town: Bruay-sur-l’Escaut

He is the offspring of Adolphine and Chope le Brasseur, and was born in 2005.



Name: Alexandre le Meunier

Height: 4 metres 20

Weight: 25 kilos

Town: Crespin

Alexandre le Meunier was designed and created by a primary school pupil, and was baptised in 2008. Le meunier (the Miller) refers to the former Crespin Mill.



Name: Cambrinus

Height: 3 metres 80

Weight: 400 kilos

Town: Fresnes-sur-Escaut

Outing date: August 15

Cambrinus was born just after the Second World War, during the first carnival on August 15, 1945. He sits on a barrel placed on a float, pot-bellied, wearing a crown and holding a tankard in his hand.



Name: Tiot Mit

Height: 3 metres

Weight: 50 kilos

Town: Maing

Outing date: in May (during the "brocante d’en Haut" bric-a-brac sale)

Created in 1903 following a disagreement between the town council and the residents of the “En Haut” district, the latter created a giant representing a brewer’s assistant wearing a tricolour scarf.



Name: Alfred le Pipier

Height: 3 metres 50

Weight: 47 kilos

Town: Onnaing

Alfred le Pipier is a symbol of Onnaing’s renown and a tribute to all of the workers who made the town so famous thanks to their hard work.



Name: Le Gabelou

Height: 5 metres 40

Town: Quiévrechain

Le Gabelou is a giant customs officer.



Name: Bauduin de S’Bourcq

Height: 4 metres 60

Weight: 60 kilos

Town: Sebourg

Outing date: the first weekend in September (during the "Sebourg Joie" festival)

Born in 2000, he represents a shepherd. According to legend Bauduin de S’Bourcq was the son of the king of Nijmegen, who was betrayed by Gaufroy who went on to marry Queen Rose, who then entrusted his son Bauduin to the lord of Sebourg. He became famous for his skills during tournaments but also for fiercely resisting Gaufroy, when he attacked Sebourg.



Name: Le marquis de Bitaillon

Height: 6 metres 20

Weight: 450 kilos

Town: Vicq

Outing date: in May (on his birthday)

Le Marquis de Bitaillon was baptised in 2001, and represents Jacques "Bitaillon ", the famous "chôle"  player (a traditional game played in Vicq).



Name: Binbin

Height: 4 metres 35

Weight: 280 kilos

Town: Valenciennes

Outing date: first weekend in September (During the "folies de Binbin" event )

Binbin is the youngest child of Gayant (the giant from Douai). He was adopted by the city of Valenciennes in 1825.

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