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(project covered by a quality label from the Ministry of Ecology)


A new ecoport for pleasure boats in Valenciennes

With more than 8,000 passages in 2012, the region is a major transit route for pleasure boats from northern Europe. The urban area stands to gain a great deal from tapping this potential clientele and offering them the possibility to moor and to enjoy a stay in the area under the very best conditions.


Valenciennes Métropole has decided to build a pleasure boat harbour at the Quai des Mines in Valenciennes, not far from the Pont Jacob where the bypass arm of the river Escaut (Scheldt) is situated. As result, it will enjoy close proximity to the city centre (approximately a 15-minute walk away) and is well connected with the rest of the area thanks to a dense transport network (river, tram, train, motorway, etc.).


Totalling €2.7 million, this project is covered by the “Port de plaisance exemplaire” label (exemplary pleasure boat harbour) awarded by the Ministry of Ecology. Among other things it includes the recovery of waste water and powering the harbour master's office using renewable energy, etc.


It will have a capacity of 74 moorings enabling it to welcome boats of all sizes.


The Ecoport will be connected by means of a footbridge to Ilot Folien, the future eco-district, and will be directly connected to the Parc des Rives Créatives de l’Escaut, a competitive cluster in the field of digital design.


The new, environmentally friendly facilities will make it possible to further enhance the region's infrastructure and its potential for waterborne tourism. The programme is expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2014.


An outstanding location at a cross-border loop of the French and Belgian waterways

In addition to this impressive loop taking in the towns of Douai, Lille, Courtrai and Tournai, a number of secondary loops offer a choice of attractive circuits departing from Valenciennes:


Circuit lasting 2/5 days:

  • tinerary taking in the cross-border park (Valenciennes - Condé - Mortagne - St Amand - Péronnes - Péruwelz - Mons- Valenciennes)
  • Circuit lasting 7/10 days:
  • Including the Canal de Roubaix (Valenciennes - Douai - Lille - Roubaix - Tournai - Mortagne - St Amand - Valenciennes)
  • Including the Sambre and Avesnois area (Valenciennes - Condé - Mortagne - St Amand - Péronnes - Péruwelz - Mons - Charleroi - Maubeuge - Hautmont - Valenciennes)
  • Circuit lasting 15 days:
  • Sensée - Deûle - Lys – Escaut/Scheldt (Valenciennes - Douai - Lille - Halluin - Courtrai - Tournai - Mortagne - Condé - Valenciennes)


• Additionally, Valenciennes is located on one of the main through routes for Belgian and Dutch vessels between the waterways of northern Europe and the canals of southern and central France.


The harbour master's office


This building serves the following purposes:


  • Welcoming pleasure boaters with a range of suitably adapted services:

- A welcome in person by the manager,

- Social room,

- Washroom facilities,

- Launderette,

- A shop selling essentials.


  • An entry point for visiting tourists:

- Counter displays,

- Interactive terminals.


  • The role of the port:

- To provide a stop-off point for international pleasure boaters,

- To provide a stop-off point for cruise and tour boats,

- Wintering facilities for boat owners.

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