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Hôtel de ville - ANZIN

rue du Maréchal Gallieni
59410 Anzin
  • Hôtel de ville - ANZIN 1 - Anzin
  • Hôtel de ville - ANZIN 1 - Anzin
Ce remarquable bâtiment est l’œuvre de Constant Moyaux, un architecte natif de la ville ayant reçut en 1861 le titre tant convoité de « Grand Prix de Rome » en Architecture.
Anzin town hall
This remarkable building is the work of Constant Moyaux, an architect originating from the town who in 1861 received the much coveted Grand Prix de Rome for Architecture. (After the French Revolution and the Empire, this competition and the accompanying grant from the Académie des Beaux-Arts, enabled young artists to go and train in Italy). After having almost been lost in a fire in 1918, the building was restored and embellished in 1935 by Lucien Jonas, an artist from Anzin, a holder of the Prix de Rome for Painting, who produced a council chamber and a wedding hall each as beautiful as the other for their decorative paintwork (with twenty two glued paintings). In 1972, work was undertaken to extend the building by adding a modern extension built onto the rear of the original structure.
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