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Basilique Notre Dame du St Cordon

place de l'abbé Thellier de Poncheville
59300 Valenciennes
  • Basilique Notre Dame du St Cordon 1 - Valenciennes
  • Basilique Notre Dame du St Cordon 1 - Valenciennes
Érigée entre 1852 et 1865, l’église obéit au style néogothique. Haut de 82 m, son clocher abrite la cloche municipale nommée « Jeanne de Flandre », qui résonnait jadis dans le beffroi de la ville.
The basilica of Notre-Dame du Saint-Cordon in Valenciennes.
Erected between 1852 and 1865, the church is built in the neo-Gothic style. Standing at a height of 82 m, its tower houses the municipal bell known as Jeanne de Flandre, which once sounded in the town’s belfry. As a pilgrimage centre thanks to the miracle of 1008, it was promoted to the rank of minor basilica in 1922. According to legend, the virgin or an angel surrounded the town with a cord, protecting it from the plague epidemic sweeping the country and saving the population from certain death. A thousand years later, the people of Valenciennes still carry out a pilgrimage here every second Sunday in September, covering a distance of 14km around the city, setting off from Place du Canada.
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