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Quality System

Valenciennes Métropole Tourism & Congress Bureau has been committed since 2007 to a quality system as part of the wider process initiated by the UDOTSI du Nord (the regional association of tourist offices and tourist information centres).

Our Quality policy includes continuously extending this system throughout our departments and meeting the needs and expectations of our different client groups on a daily basis.


Our Quality commitments vis-a-vis the client

  • A warm and friendly face to face welcome by staff, a high degree of availability and a willingness to listen, in addition to tailored advice available seven days a week in a pleasant and functional facility equipped with WiFi.
  • Reception services available by telephone and online seven days a week with daily replies to requests received by e-mail and telephone,
  • Provision of suitable documentation at the client's request and information updated on a daily basis:
    • The availability of the list of monthly and weekend events,
    • Performing special searches for information if the required details are not available,
    • Displaying hotel availability on a daily basis.
  • A shop at each reception site offering local products, books, postcards and souvenirs,
  • Proposing local services for the local population: ticket sales for events in the area, etc.,
  • The provision of a range of services for companies, specially designed for newly arrived staff,
  • Promoting the region's tourism potential to visitors and the local population:
    • The use of the latest IT resources to discover the city (touchscreen tablets with audio guided tours),
    • The possibility to join our "partners club" and to take advantage of the numerous benefits it offers.
  • To guarantee optimal quality at all times:
    • Ensuring that our staff undergo continuous training,
    • Maximising feedback from clients by providing customer satisfaction questionnaires which help us improve the quality of our services.


Our environmental commitments

  • Informing visitors of the various public transport methods available to get them from place to place,
  • Staff carry out a number of measures to save energy and water. Printing is limited and documents are often printed on both sides of the paper. When travelling is necessary, this is by means of public transport, car sharing or cycling (motorless transport solutions) wherever possible. We also attach great importance to purchasing energy-efficient equipment.


Our commitments to the disabled

  • The Valenciennes Métropole Tourism & Congress Bureau is fully aware of the problems faced by disabled visitors and has introduced a system aimed at welcoming them under the best possible conditions. We have equipped all of our reception sites with outdoor and indoor disabled access, disabled toilets and a magnetic induction loop system for the hard of hearing.
  • We also organise treasure hunts for the disabled and "sensory tours" to discover Valenciennes using our five senses (designed for all categories of disabled visitors).


Our goal: The Qualité Tourisme label and Category I

The Valenciennes Métropole Tourism & Congress Bureau is carrying out work in-house with the goal of initially gaining the Qualité Tourisme label, our aim being to subsequently obtain Category I as soon as possible.


Quality Officer
Melle BULION Marylène
The Valenciennes Métropole Tourism & Congress Bureau
Tél : 03 27 28 89 10
Email :
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